Welcome to Bath Beekeepers! 

The aim of the Bath Beekeepers Association is to promote the craft of Beekeeping by offering members and prospective members an educational and social programme of branch activities.  A warm welcome is guaranteed at all of our meetings.

A full programme of events is arranged each year with Summer meetings focusing on inspecting the on-site hives and Winter evening meetings being held inside our new Teaching Apiary. See Events

If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping or are considering taking up beekeeping then why not come along to one of our teaching apiary sessions or COME TO THE SPRING SCHOOL see events

If you wish to attend or have any queries about a T.A. meeting please contact our Teaching Apiary Secretaries,  Pete & Monica Davis,  on 01225 852159

The Teaching Apiary has about 12 Hives (varies during year), and when possible we do provide Nucs for new beekeepers (cost varies). We also have extractors and other equipment for loan.

There is a annual membership fee of 38, this also provides BDI insurance. Associate membership (without insurance) is 14 per annum, and 28 for a partner member.  To join contact Steve Fletcher. Access Subscription Request Here


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